Our services

Based on our expertise and cultural knowledge, practical experience as well as creation and application of advanced techniques and new materials, we commit to bring customer really comfortable, safe and aesthetic space. Our services include:

 Architectural design

A E5.,JSC’s design process starts at careful consideration of customer’s demands and site’s conditions as a part of the overall pattern for new ideas. Our work based on the cultural and climatic nuances of each site in order to seek and capture the spiritual essence of them. The designs always strive to reach a higher level by space, light and structural arrangement for the house. At E5 Architectural Firm, all creative ideas are to serve and satisfy practical demands.. The strong point in architectural design of E5 Architectural Firm is to apply 3D computer graphic technology into design process. With that support, E5.,JSC’s architects can exactly and scientifically examine the structure of the work, aesthetic effect of in-exterior space, architectural details… We could therefore avoid common mistakes in constructing process.  This is also the most visual tool to help E5 Architectural Firm’s customers to imagine thoroughly their project before it is built in reality. Architectural Design

  • Residential Design
  • Public Projects Design
  • Commercial and service Project Design
  • Industrial Project Design
  • Landscape Design
  • Renovation Design

Interior Design

  •  Residential Interior Design
  • Commercial Project Interior Design
  • Service Project Interior Design
  • PublicProject Interior Design

3D Architectural Insulation

Our original forte in this new digitalization era is 3D visualization products. E5 Visualization Media specializes in architectural visualization as well as illustrative art for architectural building. After several years of technique improvement, we have had a special outlook and a special orientation in doing our business that are highly appreciated and recognized by customers in the field of architectural visualization as well as the true power of images produced. 3D visualization projects done by E5 Visualization Media always bring benefits and competitive advantages for their customers. We apply 3D visualization technology throughout the projects’ lifetime; from concept design, preliminary document to designing project details. We provide 3D visualization products which could fully satisfy customer’s demands of quality and time; describe and communicate exactly idea of design to help shorten the time for performing architectural projects and solutions in design competitions as well as works that involve time accuracy and perfect quality. Our 3D visualization products include:

  • 3D architectural setting modeling
  • 3D architectural rendering
  • 3D architectural animation
  • 3D visualization virtual reality environment setting
  • Multimedia project presentation


Marketing – Multimedia Communication

E5.,JSC is a leading company in Vietnam applying 3D technology to design and specialize in creating multimedia communication solutions according to customer’s requirements and 3D images for real estate development business. With a creative line of vision, we undertake every aspect which belongs to business impulse and marketing and developing of real estate projects, every kind of residential, industrial zone… We provide visual solutions to help customers to approach and popularize their real estate projects effectively. At E5 Visualization Media, our aim is to discover what is special about each and every single residential or commercial project. By working together with customers, we develop the marketing and presentation to ensure the graphic design and 3D images will be the best for each project, appeals effectively to the partner’s emotions, intellect and imagination. Our goal is to create a unique identity for every single project! We always adjust our working method based on theory and experience, so we can guarantee our customers that their project will get effective market penetration by products of E5 Visualization Media.

  • CD, DVD – project presentation
  • Project advertising Film
  • Graphic Design, Printing
  • Website 3D


3D visualization Projects Outsourcing

E5., JSC is recognized as the leading company in the field of 3D Visualization Outsourcing. Our staffs are intensively trained and up-to-date with latest Computer graphic technology. We had more than 8 years experience working with foreign partners from various countries such as Singapore, Denmark, United States, Australia, United Kingdom… We try our best to satisfy our clients by high-quality, competitive price and on-schedule products!

3D Visualization, architecture, Vietnam

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