About us

E5 JSC, a company set up from consisting of many young and talent architects, designers and 3D artists with academic knowledge and experience accumulated from many years working for leading domestic and oversea architectural consultant companies. Our company specializes in consulting and designing architecture, decorating ex-interior, visualizing 3D architecture and providing all-in multimedia advertising and communication solutions for real estate projects. We have affirmed our right way in doing business and always highly appreciated by clients about the product that we supply. We always try our best to bring society and people real useful values.

Our general guideline is: “Comfortable for everyone”


Each project has its own different features and products that serve for different purposes. Therefore, our goal is to discover the most distinct feature of each project in order to offer clients an optimal, comprehensive and truly-satisfied solution. At E5 JSC, during project implementing process, we always cooperate closely with our clients, offer them solutions and advices to choose the most reasonable solution. The products we serve are skillful combinations of theory, experience and creativity; therefore, we could totally guarantee the effectiveness of our projects.

Another added value of us is professional project management. E5 JSC’s project manager team, who are all well trained in specialist knowledge, fully understand the intricacies of the works and implementing process. They guarantee the meaning and efficiency of project distribution process.


Creative solutions are always our leading priority. Beside the fulfillment of commissions, we always seek for new creation and value within every project. The combination of technical application, knowledge, experience and creation will surely provide outstanding and high-quality products. We are a team of well-trained architects with academic knowledge, creative ability and professional experience. Our products will be the best marketing manner of our company.


Since establishing, E5 JSC has participated in many relating fields namely architectural designing, civil engineering, 3D visualization… We did record fundamental achievements, and also had important innovations in doing business. Started out as an architectural and visualization workshop, now we have been becoming a multi-functional company specializing in above fields. With E5 Architectural Firm and E5 Visualization Media directly under E5.,JSC, in the near future we will develop our company more and more professional, creative beside continuously improve our techniques to serve clients better and affirm E5 trademark.

3D Visualization, architecture, Vietnam

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